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Location: New York, NY
Location: San Francisco, CA


Location: San Francisco, CA
Location: San Francisco, CA


Location: San Francisco, CA


Location: Chicago, IL


Location: San Francisco, CA
Location: San Francisco, CA
Location: San Francisco, CA
Location: United States
Location: San Francisco, CA

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You’ll make an impact. We reach 70MM unique users. We’re big time, but we’re not afraid to give you real opportunities to be epic and make a difference immediately. Learn about us at

We’ve got a big presence, but a small team. Making your way in the world today takes everything you got. You wanna be where everyone knows your name. At IGN you’re not going to get lost among countless aisles of drones.

We have fun. It’s all about games and games are fun. Anyone can offer casual work environment, flexible hours, and benefits. We can offer that and a place where gamers as passionate as you want to share some beers (if you’re of age, of course) and plot your demise in the arcade/game room.

We’re passionate about what we do. IGN employees understand our users, because they are our users. We have a personal interest in providing the best possible product.

We get that there is no spoon. We encourage and support each other in creating new ideas by paying attention to the world out there, using our imagination, experimenting, and learning from success and failure.

We value irreverence. We want you to be yourself, speak your mind, lead shenanigans, and know that nothing here is above question.

There is value in games. We’re the experts and we’re preparing for a future where gaming is everywhere. Check out

Want a sneak peek of our headquarters? Check out the TechCrunch Cribs feature at

Come geek out with us, but be prepared to work as hard as you play. It’s serious business, after all.

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